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Casa Juan Diego strives to prepare children and young people to be happy, active and responsible members of their communities. By providing educational, cultural and recreational activities in a positive environment, Casa Juan Diego contributes to the personal development of youth between the ages of six and eighteen.

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Learn Guitar this Winter

Learn to play guitar this Winter with a guitarist from Sones de Mexico Ensemble! Casa Juan Diego, 2020 S. Blue Island Avenue, Pilsen, Chicago 12 class sessions for beginners age 9 through 14 Classes meet every week for 12 weeks, Saturdays, April 02 thru June 18, 2016...

St. Pius V Parish’s Youth Center

2020 South Blue Island Avenue

Chicago, IL 60608

Yes, SUMMER 2016


We open doors to learning for young readers!

Reading and writing are the keys to academic success.

What’s our secret?

  • Age-appropriate, culturally-attuned reading materials.
  • A large library full of books in Spanish and English to spark the imagination of every child!
  • Many other materials that support the students’ natural curiosity so that before they know it, they are caught up in the world of the book and improving their vocabulary, understanding, and ability to read fluently and naturally.

We teach students how to use the best online reading programs.

We help families find and use resources that support their child’s learning, including guidance about how to use the websites their child’s school provides for monitoring progress in reading and language arts.

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We proudly celebrate the rich cultural and linguistic heritage of Pilsen by:

  • Preserving the best of participants’ traditional values.
  • Sparking creativity in children and preparing them to succeed in the diverse and vibrant environment of Chicago.
  • Hosting family literacy nights in which music, dance and children’s theater make traditional tales and stories come alive.

With a growing appreciation for their cultural heritage, participants at Casa Juan Diego are free to discover their personal identities and to embrace the manifold cross-cultural challenges they face as part of a family and community.

Our doors are open to visitors, volunteers and guest artists. Have a talent, skill, hobby or passion that you’d like to share with our students? Get in touch with us!

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Casa Juan Diego peacemakers

  • choose respect
  • live responsibly
  • take thoughtful action at CJD, in their homes, and in their schools

They try every day to resolve conflicts without the use of force.

They play games that help them work as a team.

They learn new things about being peacemakers through eye-opening workshops.

They learn to see the warning signs of bullying, harassment, discrimination and domestic violence.

Casa Juan Diego participants try to grow friendships and relationships that celebrate equality, sharing, and basic fairness.

Their parents learn, too, by taking part in parent-mentor meetings where they learn how to create peaceful environments in their homes and communities.

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